Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sneak Peek

My sister-in-law did the twins pictures a couple weeks ago. Here's a sneak peek. I know I'm their mom, but aren't they so stinkin cute??? I can't wait to see the rest! They were so good during this 2-3 hour session! They are one month old today and seriously they are the best babies. They sleep for 4 hours, then start stirring and we feed them again, then they sleep 4 more hours! They hardly ever cry, unless we wait too long to feed them, then usually Mercedez gets pretty riled up. I hope their mellowness sticks with them and it isn't just a newborn phase. They are so sweet!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I should be used to it by now.....

I know I've posted before on what "NOT" to say to pregnant people, but I just had to throw in one more post. So as you know, I was VERY swollen during my pregnancy. As the preeclampsia progressed, so did my swelling. I was excited to have the twins so I wouldn't be swollen anymore. Well, I got WAY more swollen after the c-section than I had been during pregnancy if that's even possible! I didn't want any visitors at the hospital it was so bad. My feet were so swollen I couldn't wiggle my toes at all without a searing hot pain to the top of my feet as my skin felt like it would tear. I even got little blisters on the tops of my feet because the skin was so swollen. I should have taken a picture of my feet. I"m sad I didn't. Anyway, it took awhile for the swelling to subside. I got my feet, ankles, calves and legs back after about 8 days, but it's taking longer for my face and fingers. They look tons better, but I still can't fit my wedding finger on and I can tell my face isn't completely back to normal. At the hospital my grandparents came to see me and they didn't even recognize me. They hadn't seen me or the babies since. So when they came to my house a couple days ago, and I looked pretty much normal, my grandpa said, "Well, you're looking better!" (he should have just left it at that) What followed was, "The last time I saw you you looked like a puffed up bullfrog!"
Then my niece came to see me who had also seen me at my very worst, right after the c-section when I was swollen and uncontrollably shaking, and she said, "You look skinny again. Not swollen" which I replied, "Yeah, I was pretty swollen" which she then said, "Yeah, like really swollen, your face was like (and then she made the face similar to the boy's at the top of this page)"
I'm glad that there are people to tell me how swollen I was since I had no idea. Why can't they just keep it at "Hey, you look really good" ?
Now I don't want to offend my grandpa or my niece. Especially my niece because she's like 11. And really they are just stating the facts. I was very swollen. Luckily I really am not someone who gets super offended. But what if I was? It just still makes me think of if someone like, had back surgery and couldn't move around or exercise for a long time and they got really fat, then they finally got better and could exercise again and got back to normal. Would you tell them, "Hey you look really good! You were pretty huge!" No, you'd just tell them how good they're looking. I don't know why it's ok to comment on how huge you get when you're pregnant. It's like they think it's ok because you're pregnant, and it's not really your fault that you got big. Like it's not like you were lazy and ate fast food all day and got fat so that makes it ok to comment on it. But it's not. It's the same as if you had surgery and got fat, it's not your fault really. You were limited. But I don't see people responding the same way. Anyway, there's my soap box for your enjoyment.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sawyer James just a couple days old in the NICU.

Mercedez was in the NICU for 5 days for feeding issues. She got to come home on day 5, the day after I was discharged from the hospital. What a grand day it was! She really ate pretty dang well from the night she was born.

Sky meeting Mercedez for the first time. She was super curious. She has been pretty neglected since. Sad. Hopefully someday we can pay more attention to her.

Mercedez first bath! We had just Mercedez home for almost 4 days before we got to bring her brother home. It was so sad that they had to be separated for 8 days from the day they were born. But I guess at the same time it was good to bring just one home and give us a bit to adjust slowly to 2 babies. I will say that there was a big difference from one baby to two!!!!

On day 8 we got to bring Sawyer home from the hospital! He had to stay longer because within the first day he wasn't moving things through when he was eating so they gave his tummy and gut a rest for 4 days and didn't feed him anything. We were a little nervous because they were saying things like obstruction, and that maybe his intestines didn't form correctly and a necrotizing bacteria that kills the intestines. My dad came and gave him a blessing with Justin and right after he pooped! They still rested his bowels for 4 days and it ended up his gut just took a little longer to move things through, but after 4 days he got to eat and then just had to work up to eat enough to come home.

So on day 8 we got to bring Sawyer home to be with his sister! Finally!!!! Sky was like, "What the heck??? Another one?"
It's been so cute. We'll lay them by each other but facing so they can see each other and Sawyer will look over at Mercedez and just smile. He's such a good big brother! (even though technically Mercedez is the big sister :) So these pictures were taken like over a week and a half ago, and we have been adjusting since. It's actually been really really good. They are such good babies! They sleep for 4 hours at a time, then wake up to eat, then sleep some more! So far so good. And Justin is the best husband ever and is amazing at helping. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I love him so much! He just loves these babies so much it's been so much fun! Well, other than the few days that my hormones were adjusting and I was so depressed and sad for no reason I thought for sure I'd need some medication. Like I was having panic attacks. I never understood those, but now I do. It was pretty crazy. But now I feel back to normal, just tired. I'm glad it didn't last long! Also Cortney my sister in law has done pretty much the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. She had asked for contact information from when I was doing baby shower invites and I assumed it was for the shower, but really she set up a whole month's worth of dinners/help for each day throughout January. What a major help that has been!!!! She is wonderful! So thanks to everyone that is helping! It is so much appreciated!