Friday, February 27, 2009


So Nicole tagged me for a random pic. This was the 6th picture in the 6th folder. This is a picture of me and Justin in Provo ice skating. It was at the very beginning of our dating career so like Feb. of 2007. Oh, the good ol' days! J/k, they're still good! Love you honey! So I tag Michaelene, Heather, Cassi and Amy!!! Here's what you do. Go to your 6th folder in your pictures, pick the 6th picture in that folder and blog about it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Weekend!

We had a pretty good 'bonding' weekend. We went to the open house of the draper temple last month and during the little intro video it mentioned that there were 13 temples in Utah and I realized I hadn't even been to hardly any of them!! At least through a session. So we thought it would be fun this year to hit all of them, so since there's 13 that means we can go to almost 1 a month and go to all of them. So on Saturday we were going to Provo for a hockey game so decided to go to the Timpanogas temple. It was so pretty!!! I went to the open house when they built it years ago but forgot how pretty the bright colored stain glass in the windows were! It is a very pretty temple.

We then went to our all-time fav sushi place! We love this place. One of the reasons we love it is because it's good sushi, and it's way cheaper than most places. We can get 4-5 rolls which totally fill us up and only spend about $20 or so.
After we were brimming full of sushi we went to the BYU hockey game. They were playing utah state and totally got rocked. BYU had won the night before but didn't score once while we were there! Rude. Utah won by like 8 or something......I lost track. But all in all it was a very fun weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Justin!!!

I told Justin he needed to write on our blog, but he's so busy that I know he won't be writing anything in the near future, and I didn't want this blog to be just about me, but us. So I decided to share a few tid bits about Justin. Here they are......
He's never been into running, but when we were first married he ran a leg in the Ogden marathon with my family and got really into running 5k's. He ran a bunch and placed in some of them. He's now planning on running a half marathon and then a marathon this year.
My dad calls Justin "city boy" and is slowly trying to turn him into more of a country boy. :) My dad's great love is hunting and Justin is so excited that he got his hunters safety and now can go hunting with me and my dad. Although we've been 3 times now and still no kill to bring home.....

He LOVES longboarding! In the beginning me and the wives of his friends would be the drivers and haul all the guys up a good 'boarding' road and let them go, following close behind them and honking so they'd get out of the way when cars were coming. Now they've found a better system. They ride Frontrunner to salt lake, take tracks from gateway up to the U and start they're treck. They've found all these back roads that are less-traficked and go all the way from the U, down through Salt Lake, past the Conference Center and back to Gateway. Pretty impressive!

My Cali boy! He is from California born and raised. He loves the ocean as does his family and we go to visit pretty often. I love that he's from California. He claims he's Californian through and through, but he loves snowboarding an awful lot for me to be completely convinced. He also is taking on some Utah 'slang'. Slowly I'm converting him to Utahnism.

Justin went on a mission to Vera Cruz Mexico and therefore speaks Spanish. I know he was a great missionary and is such a good example to me. I'm so thankful for his willingness and desire to do what is right. (This pic isn't from his mission, it's from our honeymoon, but it's in Mexico and he's in a suit, so you get the idea...)

This pretty much sums Justin up for those of you that know him. We were waiting for our paint to be mixed at Home Depot and I turn around and see Justin with this Home Depot hat he'd found and the alterations of his outfit. As you'll read below, I often am slightly embarrassed by some of his actions in public, but this one actually cracked me up and had to take a picture.

K, he might be mad I put this on, but this is the only picture that comes close to the crazy faces he pulls. Most of the time he is hilarious.....when we're's out in public that I get a little self-conscious. I've tried harder lately to try to just let him be himself but sometimes he needs to be subdued when others are around. He can get a little spazzy. One of his favorite things to do when we're out to eat or just walking somewhere public is start pulling crazy faces, like to the extent that he looks 'special'. I always tell him that if someone I know sees us they're gonna think I'm out with my 'special' friend or brother and not my husband, who under the crazy face is really quite an attractive guy. Maybe I need to just chill out and let him be. Plus, it's not really fair to laugh and enjoy it when we're alone then hold him back out in public. I don't know.....

When he's not pulling crazy faces he's quite attractive..........(I like him best with his scruffy face although he insists on being clean cut. I guess that's supposed to be a good thing for him to want this, but I love the scruffiness.)

All about Justin!

He now can be as cool as me cause he went skydiving. I surprised him with this for his birthday last year and a bunch of his friends came to watch and we talked our friend Adam into doing it with him. This is him, all suited up running back to kiss me goodbye just in case he died. I was terrified when I went but from his video he was so stoked and didn't look the least bit scared. He did 3 frontflips out of the plane when they jumped! He's so crazy!

He is awesome at sports. Doesn't matter what it is, he's gonna be good at it. I'm very jealous of this attribute. I wish I could just do whatever and be good. He loves basketball, baseball, wakeboarding, snowboarding, volleyball, you name it. This is a trophy he won on the cruise from a basketball tournament. Isn't he cute?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Nicole tagged me to write 6 random things about me......
1. This is way random, and really pretty wierd. I am obsessed with cold ears. Like, I want to eat them. I have no idea when this started but I remember as a small child constantly feeling my dad and older brother Cory's ears and it would drive them crazy. It was only with the boys in the family, not girls. Don't know why. And warm ears do nothing for me. Then, about age 12-15 or so I didn't do it as much, not because the urge wasn't there but mainly because I felt embarrassed about it. Then when I started dating it was fully unleashed! Because they would let me caress their ears all I wanted and I could get my lips on them. Not that I wanted to exactly kiss them, I just wanted to feel the coldness on the upper lip and just hold it there and I'd get urges to just bite them off their head, but luckily I never did. Wierd, I know. It has now spread to children like my nieces and nephews. A few of them know my obsession and will come in from the cold outside and say, "Shay, you have got to feel my ears, they are SO cold!" and then I'll feel them and they'll say, "Do you want to eat them?" I never do of course but it's funny that they say that. But no matter how much I feel them, I am never satisfied and Justin's has like this crazy super metabolism where he burns up everything he eats within like 20 minutes and I swear that's why his body temperature is always way above normal which makes his ears rarely cold. So when they are cold I attack!!!!
2. I must have a slight case of OCD because there are a few things I have to count. I have to count train boxcars, and I've always had the dilemma of whether I should count the engines, cause they're part of the train and sometimes there's like 4 of them. But if I lose sight of the train before it ends it really is upsetting. Also, when I am driving I have almost gotten into accidents many times from trying to focus and drive and count the train at the same time.
3. Another counting OCD thing is counting stairs. I have to count the steps. It has gotten better over the years but it used to be really hard if I was talking with someone walking up the stairs because I'd be having a conversation and trying to keep track of the steps inside my head at the same time.
4. I have to wash my feet before getting in bed. I am really weird about my bed and it's cleanliness. I will make Justin wash his feet or body if I feel he is at all dirty in any way. Sometimes he'll have socks on that he's only worn around the house and I won't let him wear them in bed. There's gross stuff that can be on the floors! And definitely no eating in bed, or having any kind of pet in the house cause I would go insane if there was pet hair in my bed!
5. I want to be a massage therapist and also a foot zonologist. Although I'm not the best living example of eating whole, raw, good foods and energy work I am really into it and would love to incorporate it into my daily living. I was going to go to massage school last fall, but just couldn't justify the cost with Justin going to school full time, but it will definitely be in the future!!!
6. I really wish I could dance. Like latin dance and salsa. Every time me and justin watch "So you think you can dance" any fast paced latin based or really any fast paced dance I always re-inact it after they're done, to Justin's amusement, and wish we could dance like this together.
7. Whenever I'm going to the bathroom anywhere and there's a shower curtain I have to look behind it to make sure no one is there. I don't know why this is. I even do this at home when I know that Justin is in the other room.
8. Speaking of showers, I have to have the door to the bathroom shut because I'm scared of someone coming in without me hearing them and scaring me. Pretty sure this one was reinforced because of the time that I came home from a night shift a little early and Justin was showering and the door was open and I went in and creeped my head and hand through the curtain while his eyes were closed and touched his back. I didn't even do anything scary! Just touched him and he completely flipped out. So then he did it to me one day even though I knew he was home and it scared me so bad that now I have to keep the door shut so I can hear if he comes in. Ok, that was more than 6 things. Sorry!
K, this was fun! Thanks Nicole! I tag everyone!!!!! I want to know all your quirks!!!!