Monday, September 21, 2009

26 and Dodgers

Justin turned 26 on September 4th! He's growing up so fast! I surprised him (well, sorta. it was a surprise but then I told him about it before we went) with flying to California to see a Dodger's game. We got pretty good seats too! We were pretty much close enough to almost be able to see the player's expressions. Justin LOVES the Dodgers.
We ate ice cream.....peanuts....and the famous Dodger Dog. The Dodger Dog was just a regular hot dog. I was expecting the amazing ballpark hotdogs that usually accompany baseball games but I was sadly mistaken.

The girls of the family: Megan, Patti and Hannah

Justin had his birthday dinner at this awesome Chinese restaurant. It is so addicting.
I forgot how blogger posts the pics backwards from how you download them, so this really happened before we went to Cali, but whatever. Justin's mission comp from Utah married a girl from their mission in Vera Cruz Mexico! So the whole sealing at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple was in Spanish, and she only speaks Spanish. Made for an intersting time during the luncheon. We sat at her table with her mom who also only speaks Spanish and with two others that were Justin's comps, one of which was from Mexico but speaks English. Half the time the conversation was in English and I'd be a part of it, the other half the conversation was in Spanish. It was a really cool sealing though and she seems like such a sweet girl. She even kissed me on the cheek in greeting! Cute!

After Justin's birthday in Cali, we flew home Monday morning and packed and got ready to leave the next morning bright and early for Kauai Hawaii!!!! Yay! More posts and pics to come of that!