Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

So this is about 21 days too late, but it was my birthday and Justin of course is so dang cute and surprised me with dinner at Pei Wei and then took me up to a romantic getaway to a cabin up at Powder Mountain. This was his present to me :) A coupon book filled with massages and things he'll do for me and a shopping spree! He's so cute.
This was the cute little cabin. Notice it is snowing. It was overcast at home, I wore flip flops and he wore basketball shorts and we headed up and obviously we weren't prepared to be in the mountains. We were stuck with spring attire, and if we didn't have our Subaru there is no way we would have gotten out in the morning after it had dumped like 2 feet of snow! Bless that car!

The cute flowers that were waiting for me in the cabin.

Here I am first thing in the morning (as you can tell by the foggy, puffy eyed face I have). We just relaxed and watched a few movies and ate yummy food. It was a very fun birthday filled with fun gift certificates, a sprouter from my mom and good hiking/snow boots from my parents for hunting season and snow, cute wall decoration from my sister, and many more things with my shopping spree. Thanks everyone!!!! Although I don't like being 25. I still feel like I'm 18! 25 is like almost 30!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Half Marathon

Let's not run for like 6 months, (except maybe a few random 3 miles or so) then the day before a half marathon commit to run it, then go to Rodizzio's Grill and pound down massive amounts of meat for a late dinner (which I heard is really great right before a race....right), then stay up till 1 am then get up at 6 am to go to the starting line. Who does this? Really? I want to know. Oh, you did it? You, Justin? Yeah, Justin did this. Insane. I am consistantly amazed at Justin and the things he does. He is just talented at everything he does. I really thought he would struggle when he told me, the day before, "Hey, I'm running in a half marathon in the valley tomorrow." I should have more faith in him, but I must say I doubted him and almost laughed at him when he said this. Then I was worried about him. It was FREEZING up in the valley in Huntsville. It was snowing when they started and there was a brisk numbing wind as you can see below is blowing his jacket up which is making him look hunchbacked. We slept over at Adam and Melody's house because the race ran right past their house during mile 12 and Adam is the one that got Justin to run with him in it. So we girls slept in till 9 and sat outside on the porch in the freezing wind waiting for our men to run past. After they ran past we jumped in the car and met them at the finish line.

This is the picture I took out of the car window as I passed him heading towards the finish line. Kind of rude I know, him being on his 13th mile of running and here I am unknowingly taunting him with the option of getting in the car. He must have been beat by this time!
Running past the house as we sat on the porch.

Mile 13! Yay!!!

You did it! I am so proud of you!!!! So after he finished (which he finished in 1 hr 57 min. Not bad for someone who has not trained one ounce for it!!!!) he did just fine! A little tired and the next day his legs and joints hurt as expected, but by the second day or so he was back to his usual self. What the? I would have been down and out for days! He really has a natural talent. Get this boy in some training and he could do some damage!

And I just had to add this picture cause I think he's so dang studly!