Saturday, May 26, 2012

Backyard Adventures

 The twins LOVE to pick the lemons off the lemon tree, then rip off the peel with their teeth and devour the fruit.
 Drinks from the hose are almost a daily occasion. I want to remember the schedule the twins are doing right now, so you can skip this part and go down to the pics if you prefer :)
7:45am: Wake up, have some morning milk then breakfast. As soon as I walk in, Cedez does the "eat" sign. Change diapers while drinking your milk.
8:00: Eat brkfst, usually scrambled eggs and fruit
8:30-9:30: Play around the house while mom makes her breakfast and cleans up.
9:30-10:30: Play time in your room with eachother. Gives mom a nice hour break.
10:30-11:00: Snack time. Usually oatmeal with a vegetable puree (like squash or pumpkin)
11:00-2:00: Nap time! Best time of the day.
2:00: Wake up, making the eat sign as I come to get you out of your cribs. Both twins wake up talking to eachother and playing in their cribs. Eat lunch, usually you don't have much appetite lately. We eat berries, greek yogurt, PB sand, diced ham, boiled eggs, or a yummy fruit/yogurt/spinach smoothie.
2:45-4: usually Hannah, Justin's sister is home and plays with them. We go outside and play with the water or go for a walk. Lately it's mostly just been playing outside cause I don't want to go walking to the park in the hotness.
4-5: Play time in your room with each other. Another nice break!
5:00: Dinner time, whatever we're eating.
6:00: Bath time! After Pajamas are on they love a little R&R with Grandpa on his lap watching You Tube kid songs/videos on his IPad.
7:00: Family prayers, story time, then bed. You both will go grab your binkies and blankets out of the crib when your tired, both for nap time and bed time. You love your sleep!

 Peeking at the neighbors. I didn't even think she knew how to do this. We heard noise and I whispered, "go look" and she went over and peered through the cracks.
 I really have to watch this girl. She wants to drink from everything! The other day I saw her squatting with her lips to the concrete on the driveway ready to drink from a nasty dip that was filled with dark water and I'm sure oil/dirt/antifreeze...who knows? Luckily I stopped her in time.
 Sawyer will splash and splash until this bird bath is empty of water!

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