Thursday, April 7, 2011


This little guy has such a sweet spirit. He has been super mellow and tolerant from the day he was born. Even in the NICU, when his tummy hurt or if he was getting poked for a blood draw, he would just scrunch up his eyebrows and forehead and give a little moan. No tears. It was the saddest thing because you could tell he just didn't feel good but he was so good about it. Even when he gets tired before going down for a nap or bed, he doesn't fuss or cry. He just starts zoning out, staring off into space like the picture below. He's starting to go bald on top and the sides of his head. It's like he still has the same amount of hair as when he was born, his head just grew without more hair growing! I wonder if it will eventually turn blond like his dad.

You can frequently see these crazy wide eyes throughout the day with little Sawyer. He has always been super aware of his surroundings and would rather look around and suck lazily at his bottle than suck it down like his sister who is all business when it comes to eating.

Also, I think he's been pretty aware of his sister from the start, whereas she acts as if he's not even there. We have picture after picture of them laying side by side and he almost always is looking sideways at her. There has also been a couple of times that when she's been super upset, and he's perfectly fine, that he'll get this look on his face and start crying such a sad cry that I've only heard the couple times. It's definitely a "I'm so sad for my sister" cry. I say only a couple times because these babies really hardly ever cry. They're both just so good natured.
I've just been reminiscing these past couple of weeks on how small they used to be. Sawyer is bigger than Mercedez, but he definitely was also a little guy! At his 2 month appointment he was in the 10th percentile for his height, weight and head. I thought for sure his head would be bigger than that! Also, I thought he was bigger and taller on that scale. But I guess not. He weighed in at 10.1 pounds. He was 6 pounds when he was born.

First bath. I love the picture below as he's trying to eat the sponge. He was the king of the rooting reflex! Every feeding time he ferociously looked for the nipple, only to find it then totally relax and suck lazily and start falling asleep. I'd have to pull it out to wake him up and he'd immediately get panicky looking for the nipple again. He still grunts and pushes his neck forward and grabs with his fists trying to get the bottle in his mouth as fast as he can.

This was when I first met him. Such a little guy, but I guess big for NICU standards.

Both of these were in the NICU just a few days old. I couldn't get over his cute little face and Stevenson forehead.
I have certainly enjoyed this little guy!
NICKNAMES: Soybean, Handsome, Sawyer Brown, Mister Sawyer, Brother
-He has been smiling and cooing like crazy lately
-Loves his arms flung around, almost to the point that I think Justin's being too rough with him only to find him smiling and laughing.
-Wants to stand up all the time
-An excellent burper. You usually don't have to even pat him. Just sit him up and out it comes.